The T.V. Commercials of David R. Mohr


© Copyright 2002, Lightning Notes Productions, Inc.

Rogaine TV COMMERCIAL by DAVID ROBERT MOHR NOTE: This commercial will bring "Rogaine" out of the background and put it into the forground of society. There still seems to be "taboos" about hair regrowth products. While Cosmetic surgery has become acceptable even recommended, hair regrowth is still looked away from. This should help....................DRM

		opens with hand reaching to open door of local type bar/lounge it is night.

		hand pauses while holding door pull handle to read flyer taped to door.

		Shot of flyer:  Flyer is picture of band playing that night.  Flyer shows
				5 men in various stages of balding in typical band pose.
				Maintain shot to familiarize with band - espically hairlines
				Hairline of lead singer should be the most deteriated
		Applause able to be heard from outside of door as band completes song, prompting the
		opening of the door.
		Band member heard thanking audience as another member begins to play the 
		"Cocaine by Eric Clapton" opening riff.

ANGLE: 		1st person
		walking through doors, briefly pan room showing crowded bar to left, tables to right.
		walking in, camera looks right towards tables, panning past pool tables, continuing on to see stage.
		during walk in, as riff plays, lead singer introduces song:

SPOKEN VOICE: 	When I believe in something, I gotta Sing about it.  
		You saw the old flyer on your way in? well guys, listen up!

WIDE ANGLE:	view of stage approx 40ft away with tables/booths in front and a small dance area to left.

SINGING VOICE:  If you're lacking hair and you want some up there "Rogaine"
		Don't forget this fact you CAN grow it back "Rogaine"
		You should try, you should buy, you should try...."Rogaine"


		Close up Pan each member of band to establish new fuller hairline

		"Rogaine." Clinically proven to grow hair. While not all users experience the same level of 
		regrowth, "Rogaine" is proven to be the most effective product with the highest percentage of hair 
		regrowth of all other products on the market.

		pull back to wide angle, to view entire stage after all the band, except lead singer, have been panned.
		BLUR shot of stage

		float box of product and bottle of product in middle of screen.

		"Rogaine" to regrow your hair, is available, discreetly and conveniently, from our 
		website at

		Slide product to upper left corner of screen.  
		Float Rogainee for WOMEN in lower right corner of screen

		Rogaine & Rogaine FOR WOMEN - Clinically proven to regrow hair and prevent further hair loss.

		drop objects from screen. Fast zoom to lead singer

SINGING VOICE:	You should try, you should buy, you should try....
DIRECTION:	while singing above verse is removing hat and running hands over head, revealing full head of hair.
		after last "try" while pointing microphone to audience.

DIRECTION:	above line is voiced in time to the music and the lead singer.



		fast pull back to wide angle shot to view entire stage - BLUR shot of stage

		float both products & web URL to screen	
		Rogainee! Clinically proven to grow hair.


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